The Global Institute for Youth is a non-profit, globally run organization that advocates for and educates young people to become active leaders in their countries and communities. We believe that solutions to our global challenges must purposefully engage youth, at all levels — locally, regionally, nationally and globally. We are committed to enabling young people to make positive social changes. This generation has the passion, dynamism and leadership spirit to shape the future.

Young people are affected by the world’s greatest persistent problems: poverty, conflict, education, and health. Although young people are the demographic most affected by these problems, and although they are the future leaders of the world, they are too frequently overlooked as part of the solution. We believe that young people should be part of the solution and that they should be the ones addressing these issues.

Mission: Our mission is to provide the tools for young people to lead a positive change in their communities and countries.
Our programs focus on educating young people about global issues, enabling them with the skills they need in order to lead a positive change in their communities and globally, and advocating for the young voice in decision making.


We advocate for young people to be included in the decision-making processes that directly affects their lives, communities and countries. We want to ensure that policy makers on national and global levels recognize, encourage, and support the active roles of young people in decision-making.

Education and Leadership Development

We educate young people on current global issues, as well as build their leadership capabilities, so that they are able to take action in finding solutions to community and global problems.