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State of Youth 2016 “Aspire to Inspire – Exploring the Power of Creativity

October 7, 2016 in Kigali, Rwanda


The world is facing some of the biggest challenges we never seen before in human life. Politicians and other players cannot simply find solutions to all world problems without help from youth. Youth make the highest proportion of the population in most countries and we believe they have to play an important role in finding solutions. As future leaders, we believe they should be engaged as early possible in the conversation. The Global Institute for Youth provides a platform for young people to be educated, discuss, share and express their ideas on finding solutions for some of biggest problems the world is facing today and in the future.

The ‘State of Youth’ is an annual conference that brings young people together to discuss important issues facing their immediate communities and how this plays into some the larger issues concerning young people globally. It invites young people to connect, reflect and ask: how can we, as young people, play a role in finding solutions? The conference participants include young activists, students, leaders, academics and experts in different fields.

The State of Youth is more than just a conference. It is a growing community of young leaders who do not just discuss global challenges – they take real, concrete steps towards solving them. This year, our conference will take place in Kigali, Rwanda and is themed as “Aspire to Inspire: Exploring the Power of Creativity”. Essentially, this one-day event will bring together young people from across the country to share ideas, attend workshops, listen and engage with a range of speakers from creative backgrounds to explore how the arts can be used to empower youth to take forward personal and professional goals.

State of Youth 2015 at Texas Christian University

State of Youth 2015 at Texas Christian University

Conference Details

When: October 7th, 10: 30 am-5 pm

Where: University of Rwanda College of Business and Economics

How to Register: Visit our Eventbrite page to register for your free spot.


Help Us Increase Our Impact!

Our team at GIY is committed to removing as many barriers as possible for young people to participate in our programs, which is why admission to the conference is free. However, while our participants may not pay anything, that doesn’t mean that there are no costs involved in putting on the event. Through creativity and resourcefulness we have been able to run past events with no funding, however, we are reaching out to ask for some funding from our supporters. The conference will run even if we don’t receive a single donation, however, the more we can raise the greater the impact our event will have. Can you share a few dollars to help us increase our impact? Visit our crowdfunding campaign here.


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